Michael's Grill
& taqueria
Pacific Grove  --  Old Towne Salinas  ---Marina  

"If it ain't good enough for Mama, it ain't good enough for you"
What We Do..

  • Our chicken breasts, sirloin steaks and jumbo prawns are either charbroiled or blackened to order. No boiling allowed   
  • Rice, beans, sauces, salsas and chips are prepared fresh every day
  • We only buy fresh whole produce and cheeses. It's all sliced, diced, grated and ground in our own kitchen. Contrary to some of our friends in the quick eats biz--it does make a  difference
  • We take combinations of all that good chow to create delicious and unique fajitas, tacos, wet burritos, wraps, tostadas, enchiladas, quesadillas and a whole lot more
We feed this stuff to our kids
--it's got to be good.

We have three locations. Convenient for you--lots of driving for us

 Pacific Grove
 Old Towne Salinas
1126 Forest Ave
 321 Main St
 265 Reservation Rd
831.647.8654  831.754.8917
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